Welcome feisty soul!

I am guessing you landed here because you are:






angry and more…

You are tired of your life not being the way you want it to be. And the brilliant google search engine or a lovely friend refered you to this “coach”. What could it hurt, eh?

So here I am. (find out all about me here!)

I want to get you started right away. Get you some relief and clarity now.

There are a few things you can do:

Sign up for an initial 1 hour session now.

You will need to fill in a questionnaire first and then I will confirm the initial meeting either in person, if Guelph is an easy place for you  to get to or in a Zoom meeting space through a private link.  

Take my 7 day meditation course.

It’s free and amazing (if I do say so myself). I designed it to be doable by a busy person who has lots of passions and life going on. Meditation can help clear the stress and clutter from your thoughts and life. It’s a 10 minute investment of your time on day 1 and then 4-7 minutes a day after that. The email with links will be delivered straigtht to your inbox every morning for 6 days after you sign up! (oh the wonders of technology. )

And my YouTube channel here.