​Unwavering love for our Inner Child

Our brains are complex and interesting. One of the trickier elements are the areas that are little still. We all have moments of feeling younger, inexperienced or unprepared for what is happening: I call this my inner child.

And her needs are important. Here is a story about how inner child work can unfold:​

I had a client on my table the other day.

They are a grown, mature, well educated and successful person.

And they are a wounded, scared and lonely child.

I asked how they treated their inner children when they were crying, wounded and vulnerable. There was a long pause as there usually is when the reality of our unkindness sinks in.

And then the excuses come out.

The justification.

The pain.

The meanness.

The defensiveness.

The reasons that I too should withhold love from them.

The storm’s a brewing.

My heart aches immensely but I stand my ground. I hold onto the image of a hurt, lonely child who is scared, who has never been through a storm and survived. And I continue to love and trust that with comfort the storm system will pass.

The contrast at this point is challenging and yet I know I stand on safe ground.

A storm is brewing.

It has yet to get easier, these storms of the human psyche.

And yet, I know what to expect but don’t always know the path it will take. I breathe deeply and ground into the truth of my being. I am anchored in the lightness while witnessing the shadow of the human soul.

I prepare for the hurt and anger. I am ready for tears and rage. I sit in the safety of compassion and my trust of the journey. The only way out is through. The system needs to run it’s course.

I am only a witness.

Interference will only create problems. In the same way I enjoy a thunderstorm in the safety of my home. I am mesmerized by the discharge of years worth of pent up energy in the safety of my soul.

When the storm has passed an exhausted client lies still relieved to be on the other side.

You see they didn’t know that the energy can’t destroy them. They had never ridden out a storm with love, compassion and a willing companion.

So the next time the clouds are swirling they won’t be so scared. They will know that they can take shelter. That they don’t have to be alone if they don’t want to be.

Love, compassion, and shelter is always a phone call whether it be a friend, counsellor or coach; your inner child can be held and supported through their inner storm to the rainbow on the other side.

Have you experienced this? What helps you sooth your inner child? ​


A feisty soul driven by her love of spirituality and life. Casey has learned through the school of hard knocks that mindfulness is the path that leads to compassion, love and a great life.

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