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Mindfulness for Letting Go

Life is feeling hard. You are working hard but nothing is changing. You push, you adjust, you argue, you scream, you break things, you bribe, you blackmail, you punish, you fight, you do everything you can think of to change your circumstance. Until the moment you realize it isn’t working. Then you let go. It’s […]

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Mindfulness on Too Many Balls in the Air

You have so many balls in the air- you’re overwhelmed as you toss in another ball-but demands keep coming in and you have no way of filtering or deciding which balls to juggle. Worry and stress are part of your daily life now because you have so many things to do and so many places […]

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122 Things I value about me

I started working through Kate Northrop’s “Money: A Love Story”. One of the exercises was to write down three things you value about yourself a day. Something about the way she described this exercise made it sound really important and nourishing so on February 13 instead of just writing down my appreciation and gratitude for […]

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