Casey's Coaching Tool Box aka Services

Sometimes you feel alone and lost.

You wish someone could just hold space for you to be still without

fear, shame or guilt scaring you from looking at your truth.

I love to help people reconnect with themselves using simple tools and strategies that can be done at home, in the office and in chaos.

Each session is uniquely tailored to you and

what you need in the moment

to take you where you want to go.

I often say that while that beautiful red apple at the top of the tree is gorgeous and will be delicious, it is not the easiest one to pick right now. Let's grab the lowest hanging fruit now, and make it easier to get to the top of the tree later.

There is always a synchronistic timing unfolding and a plan in place that allows me to be guided during sessions. After 17 years of working with clients I continue to be blown away by the clarity and ease that unfolds when we sit down with a clear intention and a path to pursue.

I often say,

"I am not here to give you a fish,

I will teach you how to fish

so you can nourish yourself always." ~Casey

I won't take you any place I haven't been, and I have been a lot of places. For a list of my advanced degrees in life's school click here.

I was intimidated by mindfulness in the beginning. I thought, Ya right...all I have to do is breathe. BS if you ask me. I had so much overwhelm in my life that breathing was the last thing I wanted to do.

I have been a victim. I have fought the NOW. I get it because I have been there. Overwhelm, despair and depression have been my friends.

I now know there is another path. 

It is a simple path that offers love, compassion, personal growth and more. And applying mindfulness is the place to start. 

Here's a little video to get you started. 

I fell in love with the chakras over 20 years ago. They explained so much. The system offered a detailed explanation as to why my mind, body and spirit were in pain or illness and why I couldn't always move forward in life even if it seemed logical to do so.

I work with the seven main chakras and by far the most common challenges occur with imbalances, either excess or deficiency, in the 2nd chakra. 

Our second chakra houses the energy for our sexuality, relationships, money, boundaries, spirituality, lower legs, reproduction, digestion, and more. 

This effects the energy flowing to the rest of our chakras and we can become like a pin ball machine bouncing off our blocks and resistances over and over and never getting that high score we want from life. 

The exciting news is that the chakra system responds very quickly to subtle and large changes in our behaviour, our thinking and our interactions with others and ourselves! That means we can feel better almost immediately and start to strengthen weak chakras and calm down excessive ones to create more balance and ease in our life. 

Is Resiliency coaching right for you?

We will get along well if you feel: 

​Scared, stuck, lonely, ambivalent

Restless, unsure, angry

Irritable, frustrated, boxed in

Do you long to live the life of your dreams?

Do you constantly get into other people's lives and problems--leaving yours on the back burner?

Do you get lost in the day to day "stuff" that seems unending?

Do you have a hard time standing up for yourself and your wants?

Are you unhappy in your relationships and family life but not sure how to move forward?​

And you want to feel: 

Centred, grounded, and alive

Comfortable with all your feelings

Deeply connected to your head, heart, and gut

Alive and focused on you dreams 

Happy to be in your own business

Fulfilled and inspired by your relationships (friends, family, and romantic!)

Ready to connect?

Do you know how much I believe in this work and you?

Enough to connect for 30 minutes for free to see if Compassionate Coaching is for you. Whether  you are interested in chakra therapy, applied mindfulness, or spiritual bodywork, this initial session is perfect for testing the waters risk free.