Mindfulness on the Smorgasbord of Life.

Your plate is full.

It’s full of all sorts of ideas, plans, goals, hopes and dreams that are your ideas and your mom’s, dad’s, friends’, families’, teachers’, culture’s and who-knows-who’s ideas. It feels overwhelming and frustrating. Some of the “food” you don’t like. Some of it is rotting. If you tried to eat it all you’d make yourself sick.

I invite you to walk over to the composter and dump it all.

Throw it all into the garbage.

Start fresh.

Imagine walking up to a beautiful buffet of food. All the food you could ever want is there. And it will always be there. You have an empty plate. In this present moment you have the time to search your soul for what would most nourish you. Fill you up. Make you feel alive. Refresh you. Comfort you. Provide you with whatever it is that you need now.

You walk up easily and fill your plate with beautiful food that will allow you to feel alive.

This is easy because you are listening to yourself.

You are honouring your body.

You are honouring your mind.

You are honouring your spirit.

You are honouring you.

There is a feeling of deep relaxation and deep contentment as you sit down in a beautiful spot. Perhaps by a window, or by a lake, maybe in a sunny place that makes you feel warm, comfortable, cozy, and allows you to take in all that this sustenance that your plate has to offer.

As you finish with your meal you feel content and secure knowing that you can go back up to the smorgasbord at anytime. There’s no need to rush, to eat too much or worry that it’s going to disappear. Life’s food will always be there.

You move forward feeling delighted.

You are satisfied and ready to bask in life.

Joy and delight are yours.



A feisty soul driven by her love of spirituality and life. Casey has learned through the school of hard knocks that mindfulness is the path that leads to compassion, love and a great life.

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