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My youtube channel

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3. Applied Mindfulness 101 and Mindfulness Mini Course

(wisdom, created in small, easy to consume videos that are between 4-10 minutes long).

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The Core Concepts: Applied Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness is an awareness of the NOW. It is also being aware of when the past and the future are affecting the now.

What is on your life plate currently? We can only manage so many things at once. Creating a balanced life means knowing what is your current focus or as I like to say, “what’s on your plate?"

There are only three types of business that I and my mentor Byron Katie can see:

1. Yours

2. Theirs

3. The Universes (or whatever forces you believe control the weather and the sun and moon.)

Mindfulness Mini Course

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Enough to connect for 30 minutes for free to see if Compassionate Coaching is for you. Whether  you are interested in chakra therapy, applied mindfulness, or spiritual bodywork, this initial session is perfect for testing the waters risk free.