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Forgiveness: an overview

I have been learning a lot about forgiveness and holding onto things through my almost nine year old today.You see he is holding onto an experience–retelling the story, venting, getting angry and frustrated, crying and yelling. It started to effect his daily life too.So we walked and talked about forgiveness.I have to say, very rarely […]

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Pity Parties

I have been known to stomp my feet, cry, slump to the ground, wallow, make cake and eat it all by myself cause I am feeling sorry for myself. I am feel helpless. I am a great, make that amazing weaver of poor me stories! And boy do I know how to embellish and indulge […]

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Grief: The only way out is through

Grief, burn out, too much on my plate. It doesn’t matter what you call it. “It” brought to my knees once again this summer. I thought I could bypass all the experiences of being human because I knew so much, I have helped others do this, I have so many tools in my tools box, […]

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