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Assertive Boundaries Thanks to a Plant

‚ÄčAssertive Boundaries Thanks to a PlantI love gardening. It keeps me sane and healthy.It also reinforces my faith in the flow and timing of Universal Forces. It teaches me so much about life.Have you noticed how resilient plants are?I have been trying to excavate an invasive plant from my yard and the neighbor’s yard for […]

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10 Things I am Giving Up to Thrive

I have been working on Leonie Dawson’s Shining Life Book (better late than never) and got to the section on things I am going to give up this year to move forward, what a brilliant exploration on what is holding me back. And in turn it makes it quite clear what will help move me […]

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Focus to create Boundaries

‚ÄčHello fellow boundary seeker,If you are anything like me you are a seeker and searcher. You always want a little more happiness, a little more connection, just a little more life.I am reading a great book on creating called, “Making Your Creative Mark” and wouldn’t you know the author Eric Maisel practically quotes me?!He says, […]

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