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Fear: Feelings As Friends 1 of 3 blogs

Ready for signs that fear is rearing its ugly head in your life? Are you ready to make fear your friend? Can fear be good? I have your back. Let’s start to love the good fears in our life! –Do you ever procrastinate? —Lose track of time? –Forget where you were going? –Self-sabotage? It’s time […]

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Feel Feisty

Are you ready to live, I mean really live? To be touched by life? And let life touch you?Greetings beautiful feisty soul!I think feistiness (I am making that a word) is the spice of life. Ready to own, live and thrive in yours? Ready to be lively, determined and courageous with a touch of edge?Oh […]

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Know Wisdom

Know WisdomGreetings wise beautiful soul!Oh to know wisdom. Learning from our life, our truth, our inner knowing can lead us down a highly satisfying and joy filled path! Join me? I have to say, it is not the easiest path. Especially when we know we have an ego!Wisdom is often quiet.In my experience, if you will […]

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Speak Compassionately

4 Steps to Compassionate CommunicationHey beautiful soul!I am about to speak compassionately with you about my darker side. I call it my shadow side (Carl Jung inspired.)It’s the side of me that doesn’t always practice what I preach.Or speak clearly. It is the side of me that gets easily scared and defensive–especially when I need […]

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