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Unwavering love for our inner child

​Unwavering love for our Inner ChildOur brains are complex and interesting. One of the trickier elements are the areas that are little still. We all have moments of feeling younger, inexperienced or unprepared for what is happening: I call this my inner child.And her needs are important. Here is a story about how inner child […]

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Bring on the feelings, they will set you free

Hello feisty soul!Bring on the feelings: good feelings, bad feelings, unknown feelings, they all offer us so much.The last two weeks have been sprinkled with big, full, feelings for myself-anger, sadness, resentment, despair, ecstasy, you name it, I felt it!Did you know that besides the emotional release that comes with feeling feelings, there is also […]

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Assertive Boundaries Thanks to a Plant

​Assertive Boundaries Thanks to a PlantI love gardening. It keeps me sane and healthy.It also reinforces my faith in the flow and timing of Universal Forces. It teaches me so much about life.Have you noticed how resilient plants are?I have been trying to excavate an invasive plant from my yard and the neighbor’s yard for […]

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