1:1 Sessions with feisty souls

Feisty Souls tend to be drawn to Casey’s work for a few reasons:

Sometimes you feel alone and lost.
You wish someone could just hold space for you to be still without fear, shame or guilt scaring you from looking at your truth.

You are stuck in your spiritual or personal work, and can’t move forward. You long to get clear answers from someone you trust and who knows their stuff inside out and backwards.

Perhaps you have been too smart for other therapists or coaches and danced circles around them. You want support from a fellow feisty soul who sees through that shell/wall of protection.

You are wanting intellectual, intuitive, biofeedback pointers, and spiritual feedback from your sessions. Someone who can talk and walk: Western Science, Eastern Philosphy, Sacred Sexuality, and Esoteric Spirituality!

You long to learn from someone who’s walked the path and has a cellular memory of the wisdom: a companion guide who has been to the brink and back and grown stronger, more compassionate, and delighted by their life’s challenges.

Even though I entered many of my first sessions with Casey, with hesitation, skepticism, and a lack of commitment to myself, nearly 3 years later, I still book sessions with Casey, for self, relationship and professional advice (and professional relationship advice).

She is a wealth of non-judgmental knowledge, and a great source for emotional rescue of a feisty soul.

Age 38
College Instructor

You might be challenged with a lot of anxiety or depression. You long to make headway by learning how to stay in your own business.

You wish you knew where you started and stopped and had strategies for setting assertive boundaries while still unwaverly loving the people in your life.

You desire unconditional support and also to be called on the bullshit you are creating in your life!

Casey was so supportive in helping my eldest teen grow into her life. It was amazing because she was able to sleep better at night, she was able to develop some personal practices that she can use on a daily basis to help her deal with ongoing anxiety when it would come up with various things that come up in her life. She did better at school. It was really funny because so many of her friends ended up coming to her and asking her for advice and she was able to pass on some of the things that she learned with Casey.

K. Wilson.-Mother of teen client, and Spiritual Director

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