I have been working on Leonie Dawson's Shining Life Book (better late than never) and got to the section on things I am going to give up this year to move forward, what a brilliant exploration on what is holding me back. And in turn it makes it quite clear what will help move me forward in life.

Here’s my list (so far) this year!

  1. Stop criticizing myself

    1. As an entrepreneur: I will accept that I can’t know everything. That the path is one of learning and expansion. That the world of business is ever changing and there is excitement in this. Growth can be beautiful. And to judge my growth is not fair or reasonable.

    2. As a woman: I had stories about age, places, and goals. I have not met many of these markers and I am realizing now that very rarely will I meet them on an exact schedule that lines up with my intellectual plans. So I will make the plans and adjust accordingly. Loving myself unwaveringly along the way.

    3. As a mother: I will allow myself to be human and not some mythical archetype that does not exist except in the imaginations of little children and wounded grown ups who have yet to accept their humanity. I will forgive and love wholeheartedly myself and my own mother for we are born of the same lineage of flesh and blood beings who are doing the very best they can given their capacity.

    4. As a lover: I will meet myself and my lover where we are excited and anticipating the next breath, kiss or embrace with love and compassion knowing sometimes it will be an experience that takes us to the ends of the universe and other times it will leave us lacking and longing for more. I will delight in this paradox of human connection and be curious about the surprises that await us.

  2. Stop waiting till things are perfect to move forward

    1. I will learn to move because that is how growth happens.

    2. I will honour the cycles and seasons of life, love and nature because they sooth me and they have a divine wisdom that I do not understand but value deeply!

    3. I will remember that life is “perfectly imperfect” and that’s what makes it fun. People appreciate imperfection more than perfection because we can connect in those spaces.

  3. Stop getting caught up in other people's business

    1. I will remember that I do not know what is best for another person because I have not lived their life or felt their fears or hopes.

    2. I will remember that the only person’s business I can effect is mine.

    3. I will remember that staying in my own business allows me to easily love another person.

  4. Stop getting distracted

    1. I will create time and space to daydream and allow my wandering brain to create wisely.

    2. I will focus on my plate and what will nourish and enliven my life.

  5. Stop hiding

    1. I will stop shrinking away from the spot light.

    2. I will acknowledge that hiding serves no one. That my gift to myself and the world is to be here being myself.

  6. Stop watching the clock

    1. I will use it as a general helpful tool but not be bound to it. I will appreciate how it marks blocks of time.

    2. I will trust that time does not dictate or dole out a scorecard. It is simple a tool of understanding. Getting to some time or place by a certain date does not make me a better or worse human being. And in hindsight I rarely remember the time I arrived or left only that I had an amazing experience in life.

  7. Stop comparing

    1. I am letting go of being an imitation of someone else and embodying my cells and lovely nature wholeheartedly. It turns out people like me better this way and I love myself more too.

    2. This simple act allows myself and others to be free. And freedom is love. Unwavering love!

  8. Stop doubting

    1. Letting go of this beast that holds me back is a pleasure. Unquestioned doubt serves no purpose. So I will question it with love and then move on.

    2. I will appreciate the wisdom doubt gives me. And claim that so I may grow.

  9. Stop creating stories that bring me down and are unchecked

    1. I am a good story teller and I will use these skills for good. To lift me up, to propel me forward.

    2. I will not add to other people’s stories. I will breathe and acknowledge them.

  10. Stop foolish fear

    1. I will acknowledge the times and places that fear serves a purpose; like when a bear is approaching my camp site. I will let go of fear that is false or highly overly exaggerated.

Oh how good life can be when I purge the junk, leave paths that are dangerous or unpleasant and embrace the space and places I want to be.

So what will you give up today to move forward? What will you replace it with? Would love to know how you have grown on this spiritual journey. Share in the comments below. Let's give up the things that are not serving us anymore.


A feisty soul driven by her love of spirituality and life. Casey has learned through the school of hard knocks that mindfulness is the path that leads to compassion, love and a great life.

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